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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Water restoration and water damage can be devastating, but we will help throughout the ordeal by acting quickly and simplifying the process for you. Do you know that if a surface remains wet for longer than 24 hrs., you will likely need a mold assessment, and it's likely to develop mold? That’s why upon arrival, we will identify and fix the cause of the damage, protect all surfaces, remove content, or raise it on blocks to keep them dry and remove and extract all standing water.

After standing water is removed, mitigation can commence for the affected areas. We conduct a moisture study to establish a baseline and know when surfaces have returned to normal. We set up containment barriers to isolate affected areas from the rest of the property. Followed by the structural drying of affected areas using specialized equipment: Blowers to aid evaporation, dehumidifiers to absorb the humidity, and air scrubbers to clean the air.  The process to return to normal also has to start with cleaning all exposed areas and their contents, deodorization, and antimicrobial (Required for Sewer discharges) treatment of the affected areas.

We are here to Help! Consultations are free; We will answer questions and meet with you at your convenience, call today at (786) 800-4598

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