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Free Virtual Mold Inspection*

Virtual mold inspection

We are here to Help! So you can also send us an email with a description of the existing problem and available photos. We will analyze it and give you our recommendation and a FREE competitive quote for mold removal.                                             

Mold can damage your health and your home, so if you are concerned about possible mold problems because you are seeing structural damage (blistering or stains on building materials), musty odors, have experienced recent flooding, see excess water or moisture, or are experiencing unexplained medical issues.


If you identify with some or all these conditions but are still not ready to call for an onsite inspection, contact us for a FREE virtual mold inspection appointment. UHS mold experts are licensed by the state of Florida and behave according to the highest industry standards.


The inspection would be conducted digitally, where we’ll determine what needs to be done and provide you with recommendations and an eventual competitive quote for mold removal. It’s completely free; you only need a phone with a camera. It’s that simple!



As is the case with a regular inspection, a virtual inspection using the phone has several benefits:

  • Reveals moisture problems such as leaks, cracked foundations, water damage, previous flooding, and condensation.

  • This inspection is a simple, fast, and inexpensive way to get feedback from a professional mold inspector about any suspicious mold growth in your home or office.


Why Should You Get a Mold Inspection?

Even with existing limitations due to the nature of a virtual inspection or email, it's a good starting point and gives you access to a mold expert - on demand!

*Virtual Inspection: Does not include onsite inspection, mold report, mold sampling, Lab work, or protocols

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