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How do you know if mold is present?

When mold is present you are likely to see black or green stains in your wall, structural damage on the wall or baseboards mainly due to moisture, or a musty earthy odor. The presence of mold also causes health symptoms due to exposure. the symptoms are usually nasal and sinus congestion, eye irritation, blurred vision, sore throat, chronic cough, skin rash and irritations, and increase in allergy and asthma.

If you are experiencing or seeing any of these conditions or symptoms, then it is time to call our professional Mold Remediation team. We will exercise best health and safety practices at the job site and quickly restore the property to its original condition.

To us your health is very important, no surfaces will be disturbed until proper safety precautions have been taken. Such as Personal Protective Equipment on the work site, along with containment in place and negative air to guarantee that no cross-contamination takes place. Our professional staff will guarantee proper execution of all required protocols.

We know the prolonged effect of mold exposure on your health. Usually, persons in contact with certain molds, if they suffer from chronic respiratory disease, they may have difficulty breathing, and people who are immunocompromised may be at increased risk for lung infection. So, we are encouraging for immediate mold testing and removal for those persons seeing or experiencing these conditions.

Mold Testing

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