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Bacteria Testing, Legionella Testing and monitoring program

We provide total bacteria testing, Legionella monitoring programs or Legionella outbreak control? Currently there are about 50 known species of Legionella and about 70 serotypes or serogroups that have been recognized to cause diseases in humans. The most common species of Legionella that causes Legionnaires’ disease is Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1.

Testing for the presence of Legionella bacteria is reliably accomplished by culture in an accredited laboratory using well-characterized and validated methods.

The natural habitats of Legionella are environmental waters like lakes, streams, and rivers. They thrive in warm waters. Legionella sp. may be isolated from:

• Surface water, mud and from thermally polluted lakes and stream.

• Hot water tanks, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, humidifiers, and holding tanks.

• Decorative fountains, ultrasonic mist machines, whirlpool bath.

• Spas, respiratory therapy equipment, showers, water faucets, technical-medical equipment.

• Fire sprinkler systems, safety showers, and industrial process equipment.

• Damp potting soil.

Water samples are the practical way to sample for Legionella. Legionella counts will be more accurate in water than air and testing will indicate the potential risk for exposure.

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