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Asthma Triggers: Gain Control

Americans spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors, and indoor allergens and irritants play a significant role in triggering asthma attacks. Triggers are things that can cause asthma symptoms, an episode or attack, or make asthma worse. If you have asthma, you may react to just one trigger or you may find that several things act as triggers. Be sure to test your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in order to determine what it is you are breathing; its content could be the trigger is causing your asthma. Provide this information to your doctor in order to help him identify and develop a treatment plan that includes ways to reduce exposure to your asthma triggers such as:

Symptoms of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) are very broad and depend on the contaminant. They can easily be mistaken for symptoms of other illnesses such as allergies, stress, colds, and influenza. If you notice relief from your symptoms soon after leaving a particular room or building, your symptoms may be caused by indoor air contaminants. Call us today for an indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Test at 786-8004598.

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