mold testing
mold testing

Mold Testing is essential to maintaining a safe and healthy living and workplace

Mold testing or mold assessment should be done if you see structural damage, are experiencing health symptoms or unexplained illness. The common structural damage is black or green speckled surface stains, damage walls or baseboards. Mold presence may cause a musty earthy odor.

Elevated mold growth can also cause health symptoms like nasal and sinus congestions, eye irritation, blurred vision, sore throat, chronic cough, skin rash and irritations, and increase in allergy and asthma episode. These signs are not an all-inclusive list, nor is it always so apparent since airborne mold can be present without obvious structural damage or health symptoms.

Usually, mold is triggered by building problems related to flooding, sewer backup, leaks, and water infiltration into the structure. 


Testing for presence of mold is technically called mold assessment. It's a careful detail study of the property with the purpose of detecting the presence of mold growth in the structure. Steps usually consist of a visual inspection of readably available areas of the property for mold. Moisture and humidity levels are taken to locate moisture pockets that make mold growth possible.  

Samples taken at the site is used to determine mold type and quantity then submitted to an accredited independent laboratory to determine quantity and type of mold present. The most common used medias are air cartridge’s, swabs and tape, which one will be used depends mainly on the purpose of the test, suitability and condition to location.


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