Hyper Cleaning and Sanitizing to keep you Safe & ATP Testing!

Hyper Cleaning & Sanitizing and ATP Testing can be used for residential or commercial locations, for cases where SARS-COV2 is present, or if a sewer backup has taken place. Also, in locations with individuals which are immune compromised, or any other situation where a high level of cleanliness is required, and immediate sanitation measures must be implemented in order to protect the health and safety of the occupants or its employees.

One way to determine level of cleanliness is to use ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) testing, since most foods and microbial cells will contain some level of naturally occurring ATP as an indicator of surface cleanliness. In other words, ATP testing and sanitizing process have complemented each other, a negative ATP test tells us the surfaces are clean and area is safe to be occupied, a positive ATP test after cleaning alerts us to the presence of organisms and process must be repeated.
We try to match our services to our client’s needs. Before we start a job, we interview clients and try to identify how the products we use are affecting our clients, and if required use products which are safer and just as effective, so please tell us about your sensitivities.

Hyper-cleaning & Sanitizing Procedures
The steps we follow for our Hyper cleaning and sanitizing requires that all surfaces be HEPA vacuum and fungicide wipe inside the property. Including but not limited to any furniture, cabinets, and personal belongings. Wash or dispose of any clothes and other textile items present at the property. Replace any carpets and their paddings. Utilize through air scrubbers and dehumidification to remove pollens, allergens, and humidity from the air.
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