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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services

Hurricane Damage
Tropical Storm


We provide efficient and reliable emergency response and restoration services when you need them.

There's a human cost to consider more than the material costs of the disaster. Our swift response team can scale to handle disasters with efficiency and attention to detail. We’re prepared to work with local insurance agencies, first responders, and community leaders to get the job done so that you and your organization can return to living your lives.

At UHS, we pride ourselves on full-service remediation, restoration, and reconstruction at the highest quality of workmanship to meet any scale. We assess the damage, mitigate the impact, and restore functionality. We guarantee our work and bring everything we need to get the job done. When disaster strikes and the damage remains, our IICRC-certified team can handle it all. We’re ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contact Us today, we can Help!

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