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Allergen sampling

Allergen Sampling

Ultra Hygiene Services (UHS) helps reduce or eliminate allergy & asthma symptoms by identifying & suggesting how to eliminate the allergen or irritant causing the symptoms, rather than masking the symptoms through medical treatment. Health concerns associated with Indoor Air Quality can extend well beyond the home. Just by improving Indoor Air Quality in the office, can lead to better work performance and fewer missed workdays. Improving Indoor Air Quality for children can lead to higher test scores and lower absentee rates. Ultra Hygiene Services (UHS) is more than just a mold inspection company. Almost anything associated with indoor air quality testing can be sampled, including bacteria, VOCs, and other chemical compounds. We can do an analytical sampling of air and dust, and identify allergens present in those medians.
Symptoms of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) are very broad and depend on the contaminant. They can easily be mistaken for symptoms of other illnesses such as allergies, stress, colds, and influenza. If you notice relief from your symptoms soon after leaving a particular room or building, your symptoms may be caused by indoor air contaminants.

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